Branding is more

than just a logo

It's how your customers connect with you.

Branding is more

than just a logo

It's how your customers connect with you.


A logo is the corner stone of your brand, and together with colors, photography, typography, and tone of voice, it helps creates an emotional
connection to your customers. The strength of your company's brand could mean the difference between struggling for recognition or thriving as
the go-to for your industry.

A new logo, or brand, isn’t going to bring you success overnight. It takes time and effort in making sure that you put out consistent material,
provide quality customer service, and utilize marketing and advertising. Sagi Haviv said it best: “Over time logos become a vessel for all the
associations and feelings that people have with the company.”

At Stoneking Design, I’ll help you develop a brand you can be proud of!


The client is always unique, but the process is tried and true.

An initial conversation is done to get an idea of the problem that needs to be solved. Research is done into target markets and competitors, to see
what’s being done, if it’s effective, and what your customers are drawn to. Sketching takes place to get loose ideas onto paper (snack and coffee are
also a vital part of the sketching process). The better ideas from the sketching phase are further developed in design software. Once a few solid
ideas have been developed, they’re presented to you where another discussion happens and feedback is taken. Revisions take place and once
everything is finalized files handed off so you can start using your new brand (after payment of course)!

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who i am

Hello! I’m Rachel, owner and designer at Stoneking Design. I’m the type of person who has always enjoyed art, drawing, reading, and animals. So it’s no surprise I got my degrees in graphic design. I’ve earned an Associate of Applied Science and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, both focusing on print design.

My values


CROWN - to symbolize loyalty

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SHIELD - to symbolize integrity


PENCIL - to symbolize creativity

LOYALTY - "giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution". I believe in my clients, in their business, their dreams, their products, and their services. I will work hard to ensure that the work I produce helps supports them, their business, and their goals.

INTEGRITY - "the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness". I will work hard to be honest and do right by clients and their brand.

CREATIVITY - "the use of the imagination or original ideas". I will produce creative, original work for my clients. I do not believe in stealing from other artists or designers and will not sacrifice my integrity by doing so.

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To view more of my work, please check out my PORTFOLIO page.